Maternity and Postpartum :: Affordable Clothing Guide

Let’s be honest – shopping when you’re pregnant or just had a baby can be hard on your emotions and expensive. It’s hard to find places that sell maternity clothes that are affordable and aren’t splattered with old lady patterns, and it can be not so fun to look for clothes that fit after you’ve had your little one.

But I’m here to help with that! First, let me say something very true: you are beautiful and your body is an amazing thing. You are carrying/just birthed a tiny human being! How incredible is that!

Now to the good stuff – I hope this helps and encourages you! Congratulations, mama!

Some links are affiliate links.


  • Long paneled leggings :: these are just the best. To be honest, I still wear mine sometimes! It’s already great that they’re bigger sized leggings to begin with, and on top of that, they cover your belly and support it well! Such a must-have.
  • Comfy dresses/tunics :: if we’re being real, nobody wants to wear pants when they’re pregnant. Nobody. So having these (hopefully with pockets because those are the bomb) to pair with leggings or to wear by themselves (hello July due date) is a life saver! Also, hear this loud and clear: you do NOT have to buy clothes marked “maternity.” Chances are, they’re going to be not-so-cute and $20 more than what you’d pay for a normal sized dress. Instead of shopping “maternity,” just get one or two sizes bigger in the normal section! Stay tuned for where to shop.
  • Comfortable shoes :: especially if you’re like me and had to work 40 hours a week during pregnancy, you want some good shoes to wear. Cute, but comfy!
  • Bralettes :: I heard from a Lactation nurse that wearing underwires in your bra can cause infection when your breasts are full of milk. I took this to hear and stopped wearing my Victoria Secret bras pretty early! These are a nice transition between your normal bras and nursing bras while you’re pregnant. Plus, so much more comfortable!


  • Nursing bras :: whether you’re nursing or pumping, you’re going to want some of these. You can shop the ones I have here! Super comfortable, which is important considering you sleep in them too.
  • Jeggings :: I just love these. I have them in three different colors! These are great because they’re nicer than leggings, go great with t-shirts, and give you a comfortable way to buy some time until you’re real jeans fit again!
  • Nursing-friendly tops/dresses :: this is where it gets tricky, but let me let you in on a little secret. There are places that sell affordable pieces for your nursing needs that are just as beautiful as clothes you have in your closet from pre-mom life. Keep reading for more!
  • Postpartum recovery girdle :: these are awesome. I have one from Bellefit, and I really recommend it! It helps in your postpartum recovery by improving your posture, helping with any bleeding you have going on, and getting your body back into shape all while making you feel more confident in your clothes as your body recovers and it holds everything together! See below for a promo code to save money on yours!


Okay, here’s the fun part. Time to shop! Click on the links below and check out three of the websites I’ve used in my journey through maternity and postpartum. I hope you get some great stuff and feel confident in your beautiful skin!

  • JessaKae :: with new editions to her website every week, Jessa offers so many cute clothes for a variety of styles. She has the cutest shoes, too! So affordable, and a lot of what she has is nursing-friendly.
  • Roolee :: this website has a whole section for mamas! Such a cute place to shop!
  • Bellefit :: This is where I got my fabulous postpartum girdle. Go get yours AND use the promo code TAYF20 for $20 OFF!

Here are some fun examples of pieces I have! You can shop these dresses and other beautiful items by clicking the links above!  


This dress is AMAZING. It’s a wrap-around dress, so super nursing friendly. It’s also a light material, so can be cute for warmer weather or for fall if paired with a cardigan. It’s called the Tea Garden Wrap Dress. ❤

This is the Nashville Striped Dress. A really nice material but stretchy. I love the striped design and how they are printed in different angles to make it really flattering for this postpartum body of mine. 🙂

This is the Ivory Enchanted Floral Midi Dress. I actually wore this to one of my baby showers at 36 weeks pregnant! Love the pockets and the stretchy material.


This dress is sold out 😦 but is just one example of the beautiful outfits this website offers! This one wasn’t even in their mama section, but is still nursing friendly with the buttons on the front! Go check them out!