Why Blog?

Hello, lovely!

I’ve always had a great love for stories, and I see no better way to describe this space with you than to start with one.

When I was little, there was a tree in my grandmother’s front yard that I used to talk to (okay, so I was a little strange). I especially loved to do so when I felt alone or just wanted someone to talk to. I don’t know how much there really was to talk about when I was that age, but I’ve always been one to want someone to listen. When I got older, that tree was cut down. Although it helped me talk out why I liked my training wheels when the other kids didn’t need them, or how I didn’t understand why my little sister was taking over my play room with her crib, that tree had some bad roots.

I like to think this blog is something like the cutting down of that tree. For years I kept a private blog, somewhere I could go when I just needed to say words or remind myself of the love of Jesus out loud- somewhere I could process my thoughts. Over the years, it became a safe haven for me. I’ve written and thought and grown in a lot of things.

One day God spoke to me in a dream to share this space with someone, a younger friend from my hometown. So (with much fear), I did. We’ve talked a lot about my words since I let her read them, and God’s told me through those conversations that I need to be open with more people; I need to make these words public so that others can learn from what He’s been teaching me.

So here I am and here are my words.

I’m thinking maybe some of you- maybe even just one- need to be encouraged by things that I’ve learned or walk through with the Lord. I’m hoping the Light will shine through my broken vessel and bring you closer to Him.

This space isn’t a stage, it’s a coffee table :: a place where we can gather together and talk about life, the hard and the easy, a place where we can drink a yummy hot beverage and find comfort in knowing we’re not alone. My hope is that, as each page of life turns and we enter each season of our journey, we’ll seek God together.

Thank you for visiting me here. I hope we’ll come to be great friends! For more about me and how to reach out, visit this post over here.


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