Life Update

I do this thing where I feel like, until I have something to really say, I can’t write.

I’m beginning to see that viewing my gift that way is harmful, being that I know God has called me to a life of the written word.

So here I am, showing up today – not with any “sticky statement” or words that soothe, but with all the vulnerability and rawness that is me to tell you a little about what’s going on in my life and what I’m learning.


I just love my husband. And I love that God chose us for each other, to come together as one and do His kingdom work. I love running my race with him, waking up next to his mustached face every single morning, and being his best friend. It is the biggest joy of my life in this season just to get to love him.

The first little bit wasn’t without its challenges. How could it not be? We are two very different people coming from two very very different backgrounds. The meshing of us took, and still takes, a little growing pain. But I love the beauty in that. In Jesus Christ, there is always togetherness. And he’s my favorite kind of togetherness.

We’ve gotten to spend a lot of great time together lately, including a wonderful trip to the mountains with some of his side of the family. It was such a gift to get away for the weekend and take some time to reconnect, be still, and marvel at the beauty that is our Savior.


Ah, this. Y’all. It is so hard.

There are great parts about it, indeed. I have a beautiful home that I get to decorate and a job that treats me well. But that part of me that was ready to graduate college and start something new didn’t necessarily think about how all of her friends were going to move to different states, or have a full-time job that kept them busy, or still have that college life she now is without, to so inevitably cause (what I call) changing pains. It becomes hard to relate, hard to work coffee dates in, and hard to juggle responsibilities.

I’ll talk more on that in a moment, but that’s my main thought about adulthood today. In that difficult realization, I pray that God will stretch my faith in Him, and surround me with that encouragement and doing-life-together-commitment that I once had.


That sweet baby. She is so sassy and (oh my goodness) talks back to us just like she’s a teenager. She’s been sick the last few days and has been hanging out outside, but still needy as ever. Part of me just loves that. Somebody needing me. She’s precious and I’m so glad she’s a part of our little family.


Tyler and I are in a small group and it’s given us a wonderful source of older couples to look to as mentors. We are also in a curriculum called FREEDOM and are learning a lot about ourselves and the grace of God. We love it and look forward to going every week!

I think where we struggle is finding couples our age to be in community with. Because we’re both new to this thing, we’re also new to finding community in our life stage. As for me, this is the first time I’ve ever had to search for people my age to be friends with. Kindergarten through senior year of college? All I ever saw were people my age. So that’s hard. But I know God is always at work.


As I’ve already mentioned a couple times, I’m really working on this trust thing. With community, with my time, with my money, with mine and Tyler’s marriage, with my life. There are so many questions I long to have answered, but I know in the silence I just have to stay close to Him.

Highlands College

I knew at my first preview day that I was supposed to go. And I had a pretty good idea why. Jokes.

Just for the past 6 weeks of being a student at HC, the whole reason I’m there has changed. I went from thinking I was going to be a social media-er and “marketer,” if you will, for a church someday to knowing deep within me that I am supposed to write. That is my call.

Problem is, none of the directed studies dealt at all with that. So, I switched to a different program in the same school, which I was not expecting. I still feel that strong call to HC, and I don’t know why God put me there yet. But I’m excited to find out.

+ + + + +

. . . So that’s me these days! I’d love to hear updates from you as well. If you’d like to keep up with me and our little family, be sure to check out this page to follow me on social media!


Share any questions or comments here!

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