Wait For Him

I write to you today feeling so underserving of what I’m about to describe.

He is kind. He is unbelievably loving. He gives grace more times than I can count. He holds my hand when I’m afraid. He is strong in his faith and grounds me when I’m shaky with anxiety. He is trustworthy. He is generous. He is wonderful. He is imperfect, yes, but loves me so well. He is protective. He is encouraging. He is careful with my heart. He is patient. He reminds me how to have fun. He cherishes me and rejoices in every facet of my weirdness. He is handsome- inside and out. Most importantly, I see Jesus in him every day. He isn’t everything I always wanted; he is better.

Hey lady? Wait for this.

Years upon years I struggled with being single, not understanding why God was waiting to give me my heart’s desire. I look at Tyler and I know why.

I look back at our time together and our lives before it and I see so clearly God’s orchestration and purpose. He knit our stories together so intentionally and beautifully.

In April of 2015 I remember telling God that I would be single for life if that’s what He wanted. I wouldn’t promise to like it, but I would do it.

May of 2015, Tyler came back into my life.

Please don’t hear me say that if you take certain steps you’ll get certain results. But I pray you hear so clearly that God desires to provide what you need. Pray for patience, talk to Him when you get angry and tired of waiting, and press into Him when you are overwhelmed with the limitations of your own understanding.

He has fulfilled promises for you up ahead, girl. Believe it in your heart more than you know it in your head.

You can see our full story here.


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