What College Taught Me

Isn’t it funny that this is the goal? One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Graduate.

Samford would probably like for me to tell you that the most valuable thing I learned in my four years was how to market a product or how to act ethically in business or how to network with important people.

I’m writing today that this is not the case.

I’m here today to tell you that I learned how to do laundry by watching my friends do theirs in our freshmen community laundry room. I learned how to study my Bible from girls in my Bible study. I learned how healing community can be from my best friends made through God-sent circumstances. I learned how to love people well from my sorority sisters. I learned how to incorporate God’s truths in the workplace by watching my professors plan worship services for students after hours. I learned how to make a killer cup of hot chocolate and the joy of listening to “O Holy Night Bad Terrible Horrible Version” at Christmas time from my dear friend Elizabeth. I learned from my roommates how to be selfless in living in a box with a wonderful-yet-imperfect person. I learned the art of watching full seasons on Netflix. In the floor of my friends’ RA’s dorm room, I learned how to knit a scarf. My Bulldog Bucks taught me budgeting and how to say no to that second cup of coffee for the day from Einstein’s. I learned that Starbucks coffee is overrated and local coffee shops are the real deal. It taught me that loneliness isn’t as much about your surroundings, but more about your distance from those you call home.

Did I learn how to be a marketer? Sure, I did. But I learned so much more from you, SammyU. I grew up with you, with your people. So thanks for being a place where I could learn and thanks for sending me out with a great education, great memories, exceeded expectations, forever friends, and as a new – better – person.

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