My 2015

Looking back on this year, I continue to come back to one word.



2015 brought me a lot of things. New friends, new family members, a redeemed relationship, a new home, a new building in which to learn on campus, growth, challenges, hardships, endings and beginnings, and lots of coffee too.

This year I joined the team at my church.
This year I embraced the name of “mentor.”
This year I started this blog.
This year my dad moved back to Alabama.
This year I started leading a Bible study.
This year I decided on my next step toward my calling and was very generously given the finances to jumpstart my next phase of life.
This year I learned more about grace, patience, spiritual warfare, redemption and relationships.
This year I saw Jesus in new ways. This year I heard His voice.

And this was all done because of Jesus and the strength He gave me to fiercely trust in Him. It’s because of Him I experienced each miracle and had the courage to take each step and walk through each situation.

I have a slight idea of what 2016 will hold and I have no idea all at the same time.

In 2016 I will graduate college.
In 2016 I will begin the College Evening Program at my church.
…and that’s all I’ve got.

That’s freaking scary if I’m being honest.

This will be the first time in my 20 years of life that I start out a year with this much blank space on my map.

But I know the One that can complete it for this year and the next and the next. And I trust Him.

Do you?


Share any questions or comments here!

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