Living In the Season You’re In

These are the days of crawling into your roommate’s bed and saying, “I’m so old!”, the days of free treats on campus and hearing screaming girls down the hall. It’s a time of making memories that will one day be embarrassing stories and meeting in your pajamas to do group projects. It’s the days of walking to the next building to hear your best friend’s voice and to hear about the adventure of the day. It’s the comfort of community and food prepared down the hill and having your heart in two places.

I won’t have this forever. Not for much longer at all, in fact. Soon I will move to a new season of life. One that’s good, yes, but a new one. There’s so much good ahead and I know it well, but what a shame it would be if I missed out on the good I have now.

I’ve been in the learning process for years and am still learning how to live in the season I’m in. No focusing on the future, no regretting the past, but looking down at my own two feet in the place where I’m standing and focusing on how God is good there.


I want to hear your stories. How have you dealt with this in your heart? Have you been in my shoes, where there are so many places your heart longs to be, including the future? Have you struggled with looking backwards and feeling haunted by your past? What scriptures did you hold on to and how did God grow you in each season?

I’d love for you to comment below!


Share any questions or comments here!

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