Finding Joy in the Journey

Senior year of college comes with lots of questions. Questions about the future and jobs and relationships and plans.

Wanna know something funny? I don’t have answers to any of them.

That little piece of fun fact hit hard at the beginning of this week when one of my professors (he meant well, God love him) stood up in front of the class and talked about the importance of job searching.

I sat wide eyed in my seat and remembered and really felt for the first time the harsh truth that I’m no longer just a college kid. I’m College Kid going on Grown Up.

Something I’ve been learning so far this semester (besides that distance makes the heart grow fonder and blueberry coffee is my best friend) is the distinction between living the journey and living for the destination.


It’s hard when people are asking you all the questions to not focus on the end goal or the end result. I’m more likely to focus on what’s due next week than I am to pay attention in class. I’m more worried about the what-ifs of postgrad than the people around me who want me to be in community with them right now. I daydream more about future life than I enjoy the moment and stage I’m in right in this moment.

Do you feel this too?

I’m finding more and more that when I live for the destination, I miss out on the joys of the journey.

I’m challenging myself to be more in the moment and to enjoy the present because the present is a gift. I don’t want to get to the end of this thing called senior year and realize how much I missed out on because I was looking too far ahead.

After all, it does no good to stare at the mountains ahead and not watch where you’re going.


3 thoughts on “Finding Joy in the Journey

  1. Taylor, this us awesome and so true of life, I hate to tell you this, but the journey never ends. It continues with its vallies, oceans and mountain tops. Sometimes the mountain may seem very hard to climb, sometimes the vallies are long, dreary and dark, and sometimes those oceans will send a wave that will knock you off your feet. But one thing is constant, trustworthy and steadfast…God is our refuge and our rock. He gives us the strength to carry-on. He causes the sun to shine again in our darkest if vallies. He picks us back up whenever we fall down and he always is with us no matter where we are. God is faithful throughout this journey of life.

    I love you. Keep pressing in and pressing on.

    Aunt Penny


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