When Jesus Uses Your Dog to Speak

Today I am delighted to share with you the words of a precious friend. Please welcome Kalei with open ears and open arms, as God has given her an awesome story to tell. 

+ + + + +

Just a few days ago, a little bundle of joy pounced into my life and captured my heart just at a glance. And yes – it is my new puppy, Payton.

Who knew so much fiest and happiness could be in such a tiny little dog not even as big as my forearm? She has become something that has brightened my day as soon as I wake up to her (really bad) puppy breath. But her cuteness makes up for that part.

What I’m about to say is a funny and slightly strange story, but bare with me because hopefully you’ll learn from it like I did:

Some of my close friends were having a get together a few nights ago and they were all dying to meet Payton, so I decided to pick her up from my house and drive her over. Keep in mind, she’s only six weeks old. And has had very little contact with any kind of two-ton moving vehicle in her short span on earth.

I start driving with her and she’s just sitting on her leopard pillow in my lap, as tense as I think it was possible for her to get without breaking her insides. Ten minutes into the ride, she is HYSTERICAL. Literally freaking out. Climbing all over me, up my neck, all over the seats, with an ear-drum shrieking whine (the really annoying kind that makes you want to hit your head against something) filling the car. I was just praying for divine intervention to take place and for God to give me the patience as needed. We finally got to our destination in one piece.

When I decided to leave, I scooped Payton up and tried to muster up a plan to calm her down for the ride home. We started down the road and she started all of it up again, so I just grabbed her up in my arms and held her really tight and started talking, thinking that the sound of my voice would calm her down. I needed something to talk about, and fast before she had a heart attack. So, I chose Jesus.

I start telling her my salvation story and essentially witnessing to my dog. When I stopped talking, I noticed she had laid down in my lap and had fallen asleep. So I thought to myself, “Well, ha. Dang, Kalei. You got skills!” And as soon as she heard the silence she started to wrestle around. So naturally, I belt out in song as my last resource of sanity to Amazing Grace, Jesus Lover of My Soul, and Shout to the Lord. She immediately calmed down and fell fast asleep again until we arrived home and she got out of what she thought was a death trap better known as my car.

Later that night, as I tossed and turned in bed, I thought to myself, “Well Kalei, you can do one of two options: lay here restlessly and waste perfectly good time that you could be spending with Jesus or actually spend some time with Him while journaling”. Thankfully, I chose the second option. I started writing about the events of my day and that one incident popped in my head. At first I just started thanking Jesus for giving me the opportunity to call on His Name when I couldn’t handle Payton. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

If you can imagine the car scene in your head- you have me, holding this puppy in my hand as her heart’s racing and I’m trying to drive all at the same time. Then you have Payton, the poor baby that apparently thought the world was ending and that she might as well go out of it with a panic attack, when in reality, she was in no danger at all and would have realized that if she could have seen and understood the bigger picture.

God spoke to me through this. You see, God, in this case, is playing the part where I was, and we are playing the role of the distressed, hysterical puppy.

You know the feeling. When you feel as though your world is crashing down, everything is coming to an end and you don’t know what is about to happen next. That’s when fear and panic sets in. Millions of questions pop in your head. You frantically search for answers in any place that you think you can humanely find, and then because you can’t find anything that will help, you think you have nothing left. And all of this time that you have been exhausting yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally – God has been holding you and your world in His hands just waiting for you to listen to the Still, Small Voice that is eternal.

That’s the key, folks. So simple, yet we make it so hard. Just like when Payton heard my voice and it calmed her down to where she was sound asleep, if we will only listen to God, just listen, then He will calm our fears. All of the panic, worries, anxiety, and burdens that we have been carrying around, exhausting ourselves with for no good reason, will be lifted and will be replaced with an eternal joy that The Enemy has no control over.

As it says in Zephaniah 3:17:

“For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, He will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

God is holding us in His arms, just waiting for us to listen, and all the while singing over us with joyful songs because He wants to delight in us and us in Him.

But we must do our part. Yes, by all means, hold nothing back from God. Give Him all of your struggles, but don’t do as I have done, and do nothing but talk and forget about the listening to God part until He has to get it through your thick skull (talking from personal experience). He should have and deserves the most say in our lives because He is the One that became nothing in this world so we could become something – a Child of God.

AXx3QORhRDKAMrbb8pX4_photo 2

So, I dare you. I dare you to listen to God and see where He takes you. I dare you to be bold enough to genuinely listen with all sincerity in your heart and see the places God will lead you where your trust is without borders and where you are most vulnerable. It might be scary, but I can guarantee in the end it will be worth it. I can guarantee He will not come back void.


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