The Battle of the Mind

This morning it’s quiet in my dorm room.

This week full of new beginnings and new classes and internship meetings and recruitment counselor meetings and a birthday is over and I feel my body telling me it’s time to slow down.

Yet in the quiet is when my thoughts are the loudest.

Maybe it happens to you, too, that when you’re alone and have time to be still your mind does some crazy things? The worries start to creep up and the stress creeps in and it’s all centered around things that get a lot bigger when you have time to think about them.

And it steals joy.

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately on the battle of the mind:: how the things we let into our mind change the way we live, the dangers of overanalyzing and jumping to conclusions, and the critical discipline we should have to monitor the truthfulness of our thoughts.

When I get to be still, especially after a long week, I hear a lot of things that sound so much like truth.

About school? You’ll never be able to finish all of these assignments. How are you going to have time to do anything at all? It’s senior year and you’re not even going to get to live it. 

About some joyful things happening in my life right now? You don’t deserve this. It’s too good to be true. Something bad has to happen. There’s no way everything can be this good.

And it’s so incredibly easy to believe it all. Because when I’m exhausted and feeling overwhelmed from a week such as this and it’s a struggle just to get out of bed, I don’t want to fight.

But the good news (and there’s always some with Jesus) is that, when we give it over to Him, He fights for us. We don’t have to rely on our own strength when we’ve got His. Beyond that, He’s given us so much truth in His Word to combat lies about ourselves and about our lives already.

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” – 2 Corinthians 10:5


It’s so important, this act of fighting for truth. Because if we start to believe the Thief of joy, we’ll start to live like the people he says we are. We are not those people. We are God’s people.

We are chosen. We are loved. We are redeemed. We are blessed. We are the Bride. We are cleansed. We are free. We are HIS.

Will you soak in the truth of who He says you are with me today?

When lies sneak in, identify them, don’t make them your identity. Replace them with the truth of God’s Word.

Let’s be a people that choose to believe what our Father says about us, despite the week we’ve had.


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