When You’re Living in the Lasts

I’ve watched Boy Meets World my whole life. And guys- that show is still my favorite. Yet after watching it for all my 19 years, I’ve never seen the last episode.

Until Wednesday.

And man, did it tear me up.

I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, but since the show ended more than 10 years ago, I feel like that gives me permission.

The main characters leave their home and set off for new lives all at once. The episode is full of goodbyes and the closing of all the chapters before it and the beginning of a new one. It has flashbacks of memories with family and friends and of childhood.

Somebody told me once that God gives us a tenderness toward certain things for a reason, and to pay attention to certain situations or things that make me cry because that’s my tenderness. If there’s any truth to that, mine is change. New chapters. The closing of former ones.

And I guess it’s because of the unknown. There’s so much worry in my heart toward change and things I can’t control, and it slips into fear really fast if I’m not intentional with it.

Riley Matthews, Corey and Topanga’s future daughter, says it like this in Girl Meets World:

“Change fills my pockets with pennies of uncertainty.”

When I focus on the things I can’t control and the unknown, I know I should be focusing on the One who’s in control and the things I do know.

I am loved.

I am taken care of.

He is for me.

He wants to give me the desires of my heart.

He is in ultimate control.


And I was reminded of this so well yesterday as I was surrounded by a community of my people at my last Welcome Back concert. The sky had just turned dark, Judah and the Lion had just come on stage, and I stared up at the sky and felt the rain on my face, just glad to know I was soaking up something.

I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness for where God has me right now, right here on  my beautiful campus in my little dorm room. As for where I’ll be next when this chapter closes, I don’t know. But I’m trusting in the One that does and am doing my best to really be where I am in this moment.

Today, let’s choose to be where we are and be all there – without fear or worry for what’s to come. Because He’s holding us so tight and isn’t planning on letting go.


3 thoughts on “When You’re Living in the Lasts

  1. You are an amazing person, and I am so very fortunate just to know you. To be your mom is an unspeakable blessing I feel I do not deserve. I love you.


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