Finding God in the Good and Bad

This week I’m burdened by the things I can’t control.

The clock clicking by way too fast. The Monday madness that results from technical difficulties. The empty conversations on the other side of the phone.

Yesterday I had a moment where I began to pray for patience and to have more and more of the character of God in situations where my flesh wants to overcome.

Somewhere in the middle of this crazy good summer, I’ve forgotten that I not only want God, I need Him. How insane of me to do so, right? To not remember that every breath and every meal and every coffee and everything comes from Him?

Compared to being at school with all the tests and projects and presentations, I’d say summer (this one, anyway) has very few struggles and a whole lot more control of what goes on (AKA pretty much nothing). There’s a lot more room to think I’ve got it all together, even if it’s just subconsciously.

My challenge for myself and for all of us this week is this:

When we’re in a time of stress and struggle, let us lean on God with a humble heart and thank Him for what He will do.

When we’re in a time of joy and rest, let us lean on God with a humble heart and thank Him for what He’s done.

“When times are good, be joyful; when times are bad, consider this: God made the one as well as the other, so people won’t seek anything outside of His best.” – Ecclesiastes 7:14, ISV

I don’t know who’s reading this. I don’t know what kind of time you’re experiencing right now: the good, the bad, or (as my friend wisely wrote about) the in between.

But I can tell you this: wherever you are, He is there. He’s rejoicing with you in the good times and bearing your burdens with you in the bad. And in all things, He is sovereign over all. He can be glorified in all situations when we trust that ultimately He is in control.

Remember that you need Him in all seasons and wherever you are, He’s got you there for a reason and He’s holding you tight.


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