miracle :: Daddy is home!

This is my daddy.

This past year has been rough for him and our family, as he was called 12 hours away to Pittsburgh for a job after being without work for a while. We all prayed for months and months for the Lord’s plan to continue to unfold, not knowing how much faith and trust it was going to take to get us through. But God knew and He provided.
Dad has only been able to come visit home a few times since then, which has been hard on my stepmom, Naomi, and my sisters and me.

While my dad was gone, the Lord provided him with friends that treated him like family. They brought him home cooked meals, showed him around town, and took him fishing when we couldn’t. For that I’m so grateful.


My dad’s faith and trust in God as he was alone in an apartment for months and away from everything familiar (AKA sweet tea) has challenged me and encouraged me. The way he continued to pray for God’s plan through hardship and struggle and the way he encouraged me to do the same has been an answered prayer. He never once displayed that he was without hope, and always ended our conversations with a spirit of faith and trust in God. This whole time I’ve been absolutely amazed at the strength the Lord has provided my family.

We didn’t know what was going to come next or how long he’d be away, but we have been so hopeful.

I’m proud and overly excited to say that my dad is driving home today, as he’s accepted a new job at UNA. More than that, I’m overjoyed to say that I’ll be able to see him and hug him and watch weird shows with him and talk to him about life and hear about his more than once every few months…and FaceTime won’t be used nearly as often.

Miracles still happen, people. God is so faithful to those who hope and trust in Him, and today I’m celebrating that. It may not always unfold like we’d choose or on the timeline we’d want, but He is always on our side and He is always good.


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