constant change in tide

Change hits like a block of wave and you can’t help but be knocked down.

It’s hitting me this way as I watch some of my dearest friends leave Samford forever. The waves are crashing over my head, reminding me I don’t have control, and they carry me along without consent. The tide keeps going when all I want to do is get back safely to the shore that I’ve known for so well for so long.

I see more scary waves up ahead, as I realize that this time next year I’ll stand where they stood. I’ll walk across the wooden stage and shake the hand. I’ll be the one doing all the lasts and saying the ‘see ya later’s.


Those currents are coming closer and I know there’s nothing I can do about it.

But we look forward. And most importantly, we look up. My heart naturally yearns for constance and I find it in His character. It’s one of the reoccurring themes in my life of vulnerable dorm rooms and ever-changing environments: He is the only part of my life that stays the same.


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