the Master of the sea

I sit with the weight on each of my shoulders. I feel it heavy and sore all day until I’m worn down to nothing but an exhausted and fearful carrier of burdens.

I stop in my tracks and close my eyes and go back to the rocking chair in the coffee shop. I hear the southern gospel melodies in my head. I’m back right there in that spot where light was brought to my soul. I see the man with the crooked hands, strumming the guitar and humming the harmonies.

I hear the words he sang and sing along as they heal my heart one by one.

“When He reaches out His Hand,
Billows cease at His command.
Winds and waves obey His will
When He says to them, “Be still!”
What man is this they all did say
Whom the wind and waves obey?
He’s the One who sails with me;
He’s the Master of the sea.
Though the storms of life may rage
And the billows round you roll.
He can calm life’s troubled sea
As He did in days of old.
As upon life’s sea you sail,
Trust in Him who never fails.
I’m so glad He sails with me;
He’s the Master of the sea.”

I wonder at the simple faith, the childlike faith. And I want it.

Then I see Peter. I’m back where I’ve never even been and I wonder to myself if I would have stepped out of the boat. I wonder if I would’ve trusted for even a moment, if I would have acknowledged all of who He is, the Master of the sea. I wonder if I would have given up the control and let Him have it.

This week I’m challenging myself to give it up- the projects, the tests, the scary presentations, the aggravations, the worries. I’m choosing to believe in my heart what I know in my head: He sails with me. He walks with me. And He’s the Master of it all.

When everything is changing and the waves are crashing all around me, He is the rock I stand on. He’s always true, always good, always the same.

I want to be standing on that rock in the middle of the storm, hands held high and voice singing loud in worship to my King, with the faith that trusts He’s in control.


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