“Rain drops keep fallin’ on my head…”

It’s a rainy day. Outside my window and inside my head.


It’s been a rainy week, really. I’ve been exhausted with trying to get relationships to work, with battling my own sin, with life things happening (like coffee stains on my shirt and hard conversations), with being broken.

This is the thing about rain, though: it’s dreary in its time, but it also changes you and gives life.

We may not feel it in the moment when we experience the storm and we have to go about things differently (whether that’s working on our attitude or putting on a rain jacket). We may not feel like it’s giving life when the thunder rolls and we’re soaking wet and just flat out tired of it.

But I think about my past rainy days and I can’t help but to have hope.

The pacing back and forth in front of the ICU door waiting on visiting hours. My face on my bathroom floor with the door closed crying out in prayer. My day-to-day drained of bright and the weight way too heavy.

The stormy days are worth it. I’ve noticed something beautiful about God and it’s that He always brings life, even from the dark. But we’ve got to trust Him. If we live life like victims and refuse to live with faith like Jesus did, we won’t experience the life growth that these seasons offer.

So let’s be hopeful today. Let’s believe that the storm is here because there’s a clearing up ahead and it’s more than we can imagine in goodness.


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