It’s Saturday. Tomorrow is Easter and my arms are already covered in chill bumps just thinking about what tomorrow means. Life. Freedom. Love. Sacrifice. Redemption. Resurrection.


I woke up this morning with the need to write it out. I process and receive things a lot better when I do that. I got out my ink and my pen and as I slid the liquid red across the paper, I sang aloud,
“oh the blood of Jesus washes me
oh the blood of Jesus shed for me
what a sacrifice that saved my life
oh the blood, it is my victory.”
I sat alone on my floor there for a while soaking in what it must have meant. In my mind I saw Jesus- full of love in His eyes, looking at me with grace.

My mind the past few weeks has been so focused on the love God has for other people that somewhere in the midst of things I forgot the importance of remembering His love for me. I can’t even count on my hands how many times I’ve thought, “I wish they would just feel His love and understand.”

The guy in my life who needs Jesus so badly. The sweet girl who is in such need of a Savior.

I want them to feel Him, you know? Feel Him like I’ve felt Him. I want so bad for them to know Him and have relationship with Him because it’s definitely and undeniably the most wonderful thing.

But somewhere in the middle of thinking those thoughts, I’ve neglected to take time to reflect and to receive God’s love for me. I’ve been lost in my own mind and it’s brought on so much stress and worry. But today He’s finding me again. He’s bringing me back to Himself and today I choose to enjoy Easter for what it is and what it will be.

Pastor Chris Hodges made a great point yesterday when he said that Easter isn’t just a resurrection for Jesus, but also a resurrection for us.


This Easter, I celebrate the resurrection I’ve already experienced in myself – when my Jesus brought me from death to life. I also choose to celebrate the resurrections in so many people that will take place this weekend, as we focus on the greatest Story of all time and the lives of people are transformed and refocused.

I also choose to hope in a resurrection for my friends and worship the Lord for being who He is in my life and theirs.

I choose to focus on the love in His eyes and not to drown in the worry of the “what-ifs”. I choose to hope in Him because He is alive.


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