a letter to the worn believer

Dear Child of God,

It seems you’re on the verge of wearing thin. You’ve prayed and prayed for your miracle and nothing seems to be changing. You’ve hoped and you’ve wept and you’ve held on to the promises of God, but your miracle hasn’t come. You’re discouraged and the doubt is seeping in, slowly but surely, so that soon you may just want to give up.

I found myself there yesterday. I sat on my couch thinking of just how many miracles I’m hoping for right now- salvations, physical healing, relational healing- and how none of them look promising. I didn’t want to give up because God isn’t capable; I wanted to give up because I was tired of waiting and hoping for one miracle in particular and doubting that it would ever be time.

Because God is God and He knows what I need before I even need it, I found myself watching a message this morning on having a faith that honors God. I was crying by the end of it because man, what a word. I needed to hear truth and if you’re in the same spot, you do too.

Let me share some of it with you?

First of all, God isn’t depriving you of something.
For me, it’s really easy to believe the opposite of this statement. With my friend’s salvation in particular, I look at the situation and ask God why in the world He isn’t doing anything when I want exactly what He wants and have prayed and prayed for it. The issue with this is I forget that I’m human and don’t understand God’s timing at all. From past experience, I realize that His timing is so much better, but in the moment it’s hard to believe that when now seems so much more appropriate. To have a faith that honors God, we must submit to His timing and keep hoping. He’s faithful to those that love Him. Just because He’s not doing what we want Him to do on our time table, does that give us the right to not believe He’ll answer our prayers?

Second, choose again and again to believe– because God is working even if you cannot see it.
Sometimes- a lot of the time- God will do things that we don’t understand and that we don’t see at first. We get to the other side of a battle and we see that He was working the situation out all the time. When this has happened to me in the past, a lot of the reason I missed seeing His hand in something was because I was too busy looking for the big ending result that I wanted. And because God is so much cooler than I am and just does things to wow us because He can. And I love that.
Choose to believe that He’s working in your situation- whatever it may be. You may be surprised by how it turns out and find that He will give you way better than you asked for.

Lastly, don’t put expectations on God for how He should work.
Putting a particular solution or path to a solution for God to perform is a scary place to go for the sake of our emotions, our hopes, and just our faith in Him. Don’t put Him in a box. Because even if He doesn’t answer our prayers in the way we want Him to or when we want Him to, He is still good.
I think it’s really cool to think about the ‘heroes’ in the Bible right here. Noah, for instance. It’s important to remember that in those stories of great miracles and of great answered prayers and crazy awesome things, those people didn’t know the ending result. Noah didn’t know when he spent years building that ark and being laughed at and scorned for doing so that God was going to save them and save his life in the way that He did. Noah didn’t know that at the end of the storm would be more than he hoped- life, dry land, and a rainbow. We read it that way because we know the result, but it takes remembering that Noah didn’t to realize his great faith. That being said, God knows the ins and outs of our situations like we know Noah’s, but more so. God sees the entire picture, we see the pieces. May we not challenge God to answer our prayers in the way we want them to be answered, but may we be looking for Him to work in even the little things.

Sweet daughter of the King, He knows your heart. He sees your hands clasped and the tears fall, and He wants you to hope in Him. He’s got the whole world in His hands, remember? He’s got you. He’s got me. And He’s got a whole bunch of goodness ready to be poured out in His timing, so be patient. Because He’s worth the wait.

I’ll be coming back here to read this letter to myself because I’m nowhere near the place of fully practicing this all the time, so we’re in this together. Let’s choose to believe in His miracles and in His timing to do them.

With love,
a fellow worn believer


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