a window sill moment

It’s days like these that take my breath away.


There’s just something about the early morning cold beneath my feet on the bedroom floor. The aroma of coffee bouncing off each wall. The stillness of my little world right here in the vulnerability of my little room. A time to rest our minds and bodies and refresh our souls in the middle of this busy week.

Today’s a little gift amongst the madness. We’re out because of snow but I also think God knows some of us need some time. I feel Him saying, “take a breath.”

It’s that thought again about being still that comes to mind. Do I do this when I sabbath? Of course. It’s during the week when I forget how.

Today I’m being still and thanking Him for the little things all over again- every sip of coffee, the view out my window, the comfort of my bed, the stillness of my room, time and opportunity to sit in His presence, my natural (and very wavy) hair, and answered prayers.

May we remember to sing His songs to heaven in the beginning, middle, end, and all throughout our weeks. May we take the time to be still in front of His throne every day because we need it and He’s gracious to give us His presence. May we not forget that He wants our time and for us to abide in Him.

May we breathe in His grace and breathe out His praise every moment.


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