Note to self :: little reminders

You feel as if the audience is endless but it’s really just One. You think you feel the eyes on your back, but if they really are there they don’t matter. Just One’s.

Wear your flannel and your big glasses and your hair in a bun. It’s you. Don’t do it while making excuses in your head. Wear the comfort and the high heels when you want. It screams you and you’re beautiful.

Laugh your loud laugh and take too many pictures. Embrace your one-on-one-ness and love your introverted mind. Share your heart when you feel led. Don’t hold back what He’s speaking to you. Let Him flow through you by way of words or hugs or just being there. Use what He’s given you to love His people, just as He loves on you in the quiet of the morning.

Sing in the car whether it’s off key or not. Dance in your room when no one’s there. Write your heart out when you feel so much you can’t stand it. Be yourself in all circumstances because He made you the best you. Rest when you’re worn and don’t give in to the expectation others have of you for a never ending “yes”. Do what you can each day.

When you need to be reminded how much you’re loved, look up at the sky and wonder at its depth because that’s how much.

Go without makeup, wear that bathing suit, and stop comparing yourself to that girl beside you. She’s got a different race to run. Love your curves and your hands and feet, remembering that He made them for a purpose.

Don’t get caught up in what you haven’t done. Focus on what He’s asking you to do right now in this season. Remember that if He’s asking you to wait, it’s the most graceful thing He can do. You’re always growing. He’s still working on you and it’s okay. If you messed up today (which I guarantee you did), ask for forgiveness, don’t chew yourself out, get back up, and remember His mercies are new every morning. Tomorrow’s the day.

Guard your heart from those who won’t treasure it. Give it to Him each morning along with yourself.

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Be Love(ly).

When you feel like you’re not enough, like the last girl picked for the game, or like belonging just isn’t in the cards for you, you’re wrong. He formed you. He shaped you. He knit you into the person He wanted you to be for a purpose that no one else shares. There’s not another you and never will be. You were created to love Him. You belong to Him. You’re His bride and His joy and He irrevocably loves you. You belong. You are a child of your precious Father, the King of All.

Be still and know that He is with you and that with Him, you will not fall. When you don’t get that position or go forever without a date, that’s okay. You haven’t failed. You persevere and wait on Him. He’s got a plan and trust me, it’s way better than anything you could ever plan for yourself. Forget the “career plans” and the M.A.S.H. game. The plan He’s got for you is something no one knows. It’s just for you- personalized with your name (spelled right) and everything. He knows your next moment all the way to your last breath.

Don’t forget who you are. Oh, and Who’s you are. And hey, Taylor? You’re beautiful and couldn’t be anything less (because He’s in you).


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